Aims & Ethos

The child is at the heart of our nursery; we nurture each child in our care by providing an environment which is calm and homely.

Working in close partnership with our children and parents we will learn together. Our team of responsive adults will provide carefully balanced activities designed to value the child’s right to be individual, to create, be creative and develop their skills in an unhurried environment. It is important to allow children to become deeply involved in their play. Each child is valued for their individuality and will always be given the time and space to build on their experiences. During mealtimes and social occasions we will come together, adults and children to eat and enjoy the food that has been prepared and possibly grown in our garden which in turn keeps us healthy.  

We encourage the emotional, social, physical, creative and intellectual development of all our children indoors and outdoors. We support our children to care for and respect each other and we will encourage positive attitudes within the nursery environment. We will celebrate our achievements with our friends and family. We work to ensure that we “get it right for every child” who attends Poppies and will ensure we do this by using the well-being indicators as a measure.

Our love of nature and the outdoors is very important to us and the children are encouraged to care for their garden and the wildlife within it. We take time to be in the woodland when we can, and we encourage and support the children to be active, take risks and become the risk assessors; we discuss safety regularly talking about how we keep ourselves and our friends safe.

As a team we value ongoing professional development and training is planned to meet the needs of each individual member of the team.

We work hard to promote good liaisons with the local primary schools to ensure a sensitive and smooth transition for each child and their family as they move on from Poppies.

Ultimately, our aim is to provide a high quality experience for each family who shares their day with us at Poppies.

What our parents say about us

"My child has flourished and I could not have imagined a better start. The nurturing relationships with adults and the carefully considered learning experiences, I cannot be thankful enough."


Poppies Pre-School Nursery was recently inspected and received excellent reports.

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